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Infinity Circle will launch in 2021

Infinity Circle is currently being built to be a unique global digital and real-world platform that brings together like minded entrepreneurs, investors and game changers. Our platform will be truly trans-actional and not just a networking tool. We will allow users to share and view off-market business, investment and lifestyle opportunities. Infinity aims to improve your relationship with money and make investing a fun feature of your life.

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  •     Money Never Sleeps    
  •     Singapore  Fintech Festival   
  •    CNBC    
  • Finance Unlocked
  • Asian Financial Forum
    Money Never Sleeps    

Elisabeth Dana from Infinity Circle joins the show to talk about how a career in wealth management inspired her to start all over again to build a business centered on client needs, how to be be both digital and transformational, first reflections on Infinity Circle’s crowdfunding campaign and the social side of wealth management.

    Singapore  Fintech Festival   

Infinity Circle – The Ground-Breaking Digital Wealth Creation Fintech

Infinity Circle is the ground-breaking digital wealth creation platform which will be providing the highway to exclusive opportunities otherwise only usually available to the ultra-wealthy.


Infinity Wealth founder: We’re seeing more and more millennial clients

Finance Unlocked

Elisabeth outlines the wealth management landscape and the types of clients private banks and family offices cater to. She focuses on why wealth management is still limited to a small proportion of society and how this can be changed in the coming years with the advent of new wealth management technologies.

In this video, Elisabeth gives us an overview of wealth management along with its three main service elements, “Asset management”, “Portfolio management and investment advisory” and “Trusts, funds and other financial vehicles”. Elisabeth talks about the current market dynamics of global wealth management and concludes by explaining the initial steps to understand the 3 phases of wealth management.

Asian Financial Forum

Infinity Circle at the Asian Financial Forum with FusionSTX

Infinity is aiming to serve the growing needs of emerging wealth with an estimated $3 trillion global market. This aspirational High Net Worth segment, is currently neglected by the wider financial industry, which does not recognize its potential size and value.

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